MFB Board of Directors

At Michigan Farm Bureau’s 98th State Annual Meeting, we asked visitors to share their insights and memories about the faces and places in a selection of images culled from our stockpile of historical photos. The exhibit was a big success, so we’re excited to share some of what we learned.

Thanks to the deep memories of Zell Eisenmann, Bill Spike and Pat Lause, we now know most of the names in this photo of the MFB Board of Directors.

Standing (from left) are Larry DeVuyst, Jack Laurie, Lowel Eisenmann, Jim Saire, Claudine Jackson, Walt Frahm, Frank Schwiderson, Don NugentAndy Jackson. Seated (from left) are Dick Wieland, Art Bailey, Robert RiderElton Smith and Dean Pridgeon.

If you have additional information about this photo—or can help with proper spelling— let us know in the comments section below.


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