First Leaders

Michigan Farm Bureau turned 100 years old Monday, Feb. 4, with a special celebratory banquet for today’s county leaders during our annual Council of Presidents Conference. Here’s a photo from the newborn Michigan State Farm Bureau’s first annual meeting, held Feb. 5, 1920. Most of the MSFB’s first directors and trustees are pictured (from left): Robert Blemhuber, Cora Ketcham, President Roland Morrill, Vice President Ray Potts, Secretary Charles Bingham, A. J. Rodgers, Ed Illenden, James Nicol and Ashley Berridge.

On the agenda that winter was this amendment to the organization’s original articles of association:

 “The purpose of this association shall be to encourage, correlate, and promote the efforts of the county farm bureaus of Michigan, affiliated with it, and their individual members and to cooperate with other agricultural organizations in advancement and improvement of agricultural interests in Michigan and the nation, educationally, legislatively and economically, by doing primarily and principally for the members and not for pecuniary profit.”

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